Slow cooked wild boar leg



wild boar leg (3kg incl. bone)


laurel leaves

1 fresh chilli

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

100g butter & flour (for the gravy)


put the herbs and spices in a large bowl and add olive oil, then turn the roast in the mixture a let it rest there for 1-2 hours DSC_3995



Put the roast on a bed of carrots, saddlery, and onions. Add some 500ml of broth. Then put the roast pan it into the oven for 7-8h at 80 degrees celsius. If your roast is smaller, leave it for only 6-7h in the oven. The slow cooking technique makes the meat juicy and tender at the same time. Every 1-2 hours put a little broth over the roast to add liquid to keep the roast juicy and have enough liquid for the gravy.




Take out the roast pan, put the roast on a plate and cover it with aluminium foil to keep it warm. Pass the vegetables & liquid through a sieve and only keep the liquid. Melt the butter in a pot, and add 30-50g flour. Heat until the mixture is golden and then add the liquid from the roast. Stir the gravy until it is has the texture you like.



Cut your roast and serve it with a pear topped with lingonberry jelly and the vegetables you favour ( this time I took caramelised potatoes and broccoli)DSC_4063



Slow cooked deer leg


deer leg 2-3 kg (serves 6-10 people)
500g big onions
500g carrots
Bunch celery
2 bottles of red wine
Juniper berry
Laurel leaves
Salt, pepper

Heat oil in a (roasting) pan. Then fry the deer leg at high heat from all sides. This important for the “roast flavor“. Also add quite a lot of salt and pepper. Then put it in a roaster.


Put olive oil in a pan and when the oil is hot add cut onions, a table spoon of sugar and salt & pepper. Fry onions until the are golden and put them onto of the roast.

Again heat olive oil in a pan and than add copped carrots and celery. After 5 minutes add one bottle of red wine juniper berry, laurel leaves, salt, pepper and/or the spices you like. When the wine is boiling, put the mixture on top of the roast.

DSC_2822  DSC_2836

Then put the roast in the oven and let it sit there for about 4 hours at 120 degree celsius. You can also do 7h at about 80 degree

15 min. before the roast is done, remove it from the oven put liquid (and vegetables) in a bowl and put the broast back into the oven. Put the oven on „grill-mode“ and set the heat on 200-250 degree for 10 min. in order to get a crunchy crust.


The liquid from the roast you can use to make a sauce. The easiest way to make the sauce is to melt butter in a pot and add flour once the butter is melted. Add the roast-liquid when the butter-flower-mix is golden. Add salt/pepper if needed and let it boil for a minute. You should get a nice tasting thick sauce (if the sauce is too liquid you need more flour)