Iles Flotantes (floating islands)

For 6 people

For this tasty and beautiful dessert you need 3 things:

  1. Crème anglaise
  2. Caramelized almonds
  3. Fresh meringues (baiser)

Crème anglaise

4 eggs
80g sugar
1 vanilla pod
500ml milk
1/2 tee spoon black pepper

Separate egg white and egg yolk and mix the egg yolk and the sugar (keep the egg white for later).


Extract the vanilla seeds from the vanilla pod. The but the milk in a pot, add vanilla seeds and pod and boil the milk.

Remove the vanilla pod and add then the milk slowly to the egg-yolk-sugar mix while stirring the mixture all the time.

Put the mix in a clean pot and heat it at low temperature under constant stirring until the sauce is thick (5-10 minutes). Make sure the liquid does not boil or get too hot, then the egg „gets hard“.

Put the sauce in the sauce in a bowl and put it into the fridge for minimum 4 hours to cool down. The more time you leave the crème anglaise in the fridge, the better the vanilla aroma can expand.

Caramelized almonds

75g sugar
50g almond “leaves”

Add sugar and water into a pot and heat until the liquid boils. Then add the almond “leaves”.

Cook until the mix gets golden-brown, then spread it on baking parchment. Be quick, it gets hard very quickly…;-)

After 5-10 min. the almonds rug is hard and you can break it into pieces


2 egg white
50g icing sugar
tee spoon lemon juice
a little salt

Put water in a big pot and put it on the stove to boil.

Use about 2 egg-white that remain from the crème anglaise eggs and stir them until the mass gets „hard“. Continue stirring and slowly add the icing sugar, lemon juice and salt.


Take a big spoon and put „balls“ onto the boiling water. Let the sit there for a few minutes until they are hardening. Then take a ladle and put the meringues on baking parchment to dry and shrink for a few minutes


Final preparation

Take a dessert bowl (ideally made of glass), fill crème anglaise in it, put a meringue on it and then scatter caramelized almonds on top of it. Voila 🙂


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