A historic moment: a blog nobody needs was launched!!!

A historic moment: today I launched the 10-billionst cooking blog. Nobody needs it and that’s the beauty. Luxury is usually something nobody needs, so maybe this is simply a luxury…;-)

After the soft-launch of Spoonfights on Facebook and Instagram the proper blog was born today. I got a lot of positive feedback and this motivated me to do this. From now on Spoonfights dinners will be documented here including detailed recipes. The aim of spoonfights remains the same: Inspire people to dedicate time and love to good food and share beautiful moments with friends. Spoonfights does not aim to reach a broad audience – it’s mainly for my friends. If I accomplish to inspire a single person to cook with more dedication, I am happy.

Today the 2nd Spoonfights dinner takes place to celebrate this occasion:


Stay tuned and follow me on spoonfights.com, Facebook or Instagram.


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